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Abundant throughout the product, this term is barely quantifiable


Engineered into the product from the very beginning


The result of innovations and quality, performance is second to none

Clearly reinforced throughout the introduction of the SŌLACE center console boat line is the incredible journey across many generations. SŌLACE has the opportunity and a serious responsibility to carry on the next great step.  It is this commitment to relentless improvement while reassessing the state and needs of the industry that has been constant throughout this generational journey. SŌLACE boats, the result, is an icon that speaks a language of the future. Explore the innovations in detail at the link below:

Carbon Fiber Construction

Using the latest applications of modern materials sets the SŌLACE product apart from the market. Upending standards, and redefining the outlook from both the internal and external build has allowed the SŌLACE line to set new precedents. The curing process has been reinvented, and the structural applications of this material reimagined.


Carbon Fiber

When the pencil first hit paper, quality in design was a top concern. Each line brought to life a vision for the future of boating which simultaneously revised long-standing marine principles. Rather than aimless innovation, every item (new and old) saw thoughtful design for longevity followed by extreme testing. Quality truly was engineered into the boats. Explore more at the link below:



From the first lines on the drafting table, to the detailed CAD drawings,  and now to final production, quality was key. Engineering it in from the very beginning allowed the innermost details of the center console design to provide a foundation for quality throughout the exterior, user-focused features.

Quality Engineered by Design

Designed around Yamaha’s groundbreaking 425 XTO V8 engines, the SŌLACE center console line offers performance unlike any other boat. Maneuvering characteristics are significantly enhanced by outboard placement, and tweaks in hull design create a ride unlike anything seen before. Explore more at the link below:

The Revolution Never Stops

Connect with Team SŌLACE via social media to follow along as the updates and revolutionary center console ideas continue to disrupt the marine industry.

Drawn to Perfection

Pulling from the generational nature of this boat building endeavor, there has been a desire for perfection since the pencil first hit paper. Quite literally drawn into our design, perfection at all levels was paramount. Ensuring both the external visual lines and fittings were exceptional, as well as the less common pursuit of internal ‘behind-the-curtain’ perfection. Altogether, such pursuits lend to minimizing long-term maintenance situations, and lengthening the already incredible center console use-timeline.

SŌLACE was drawn to perfection, see the impact on usability: