DISCOVER what makes
SŌLACE different


Abundant throughout the product,
this term is barely quantifiable


Engineered into the product
from the very beginning


The result of innovations and quality,
performance is second to none


Clearly reinforced throughout the introduction of the SŌLACE center console boat line is the incredible journey across many generations. SŌLACE has the opportunity and a serious responsibility to carry on the next great step. It is this commitment to relentless improvement while reassessing the state and needs of the industry that has been constant throughout this generational journey. SŌLACE boats, the result, is an icon that speaks a language of the future. Explore the innovations in detail.


Quality Materials

SŌLACE distinguishes itself in the market by harnessing the latest advancements in modern materials. By challenging traditional norms and reshaping both internal and external construction perspectives, the SŌLACE line establishes fresh industry benchmarks.

Quality Design

From the very first stroke of the pencil on paper, our commitment to design quality has been unwavering. Each line drawn represented a vision for the future of boating, challenging and redefining traditional marine principles. Instead of haphazard innovation, every element, whether new or aged, underwent meticulous scrutiny. Quality was not just a goal; it was engineered.

Quality Engineered

Starting from the initial lines on the drafting table, progressing through detailed CAD drawings, and culminating in the final production stages, quality remained our foremost priority. By ingraining it right from the outset, we ensured that every intricate facet of the center console design formed the foundation for excellence, not only in its exterior aesthetics but also in the user-centered features.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each boat serves as a testament to the dedication and passion invested in creating a masterpiece, resilient in the face of the ever-shifting tides. Our team of craftsmen has dedicated their careers to the art of boat building, recognizing it as more than just a trade but a true craft.


Engineered to harness the heightened horsepower of outboard engines, our center console boat line redefines on-water performance. With a range of options available, including both diesel and gasoline engines, you’re in control. Choose the 415CS, boasting Volvo power, or explore the 41CS, 37CS, 32CS, and 30HCS models, each expertly powered by Mercury or Yamaha.

Beyond powerful engines, our boats excel in hull design efficiency, ensuring a smoother, more efficient ride. Our commitment to cutting-edge hull technology means you not only experience impressive speed and agility but also a superior boating experience.

Drawn to Perfection

Pulling from the generational nature of this boat building endeavor, there has been a desire for perfection since the pencil first hit paper. Quite literally drawn into our design, perfection at all levels was paramount. Ensuring both the external visual lines and fittings were exceptional, as well as the less common pursuit of internal ‘behind-the-curtain’ perfection. Altogether, such pursuits lend to minimizing long-term maintenance situations, and lengthening the already incredible center console use-timeline.