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“The world of center consoles and boating activity will never be the same” — Team SŌLACE

"As two forward looking innovative companies, we’re delighted to partner with SŌLACE Boats. Our shared aim is to create a better boating environment and ROKK Wireless – Active is the perfect product for their new 345 model, securely mounting and instantly charging your phone, exactly where you need it."

Tom Reed, Scanstrut CEO - 7/18/19 Tweet

"SŌLACE Boats, a new company started by Stephen Dougherty—whose boatbuilding pedigree includes time spent with Boston Whaler as well as co-ownership of EdgeWater Boats and Everglades Boats—is in the process of launching its first model: the 345. The Florida-based company says this new vessel will change the design of fish boats. One quick glance at the photos tells you this is no ordinary ­center-console V-hull."

Chris Woodward, Sport Fishing Magazine - 6/10/19 Tweet

In the boat industry, Bob Dougherty is a legend. He helped Boston Whaler earn its stellar reputation and then moved on to bring even more innovation to the art of boat-building when he and his son, Stephen, founded EdgeWater Boats and later Everglades Boats. All three companies are still building boats in Edgewater, but for the last several years the Doughertys have been out of the picture. That is about to change.

Enter Solace Boats, a brand-new Edgewater-based company founded by Stephen Dougherty and his wife, Sarah. Mr. Dougherty has unveiled what he considers today’s perfect boat, revolutionary in every detail, blending top-of-the-line fishing and diving amenities with family features and lots of comfort and convenience. 'All of my life I have been committed to the marine industry, creating new designs and exceeding customer expectations', Mr. Dougherty said. 'The time has come for us to make the next great and generational step in marine design.'”

Janet Shira, Hometown News - 4/25/19 Tweet

"SŌLACE Boats, a new center-console builder based in Edgewater, Florida, has promoted Todd Albrecht to president. Albrecht was also named president of sister company, Dougherty Manufacturing. SŌLACEis currently building a 345 center console model that will launch this summer."

Editors, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 4/11/19 Tweet

“In the pursuit of exceeding customer expectations, we have created a product that breaks with convention, and offers the ultimate on-water experience,” Stephen Dougherty, who designed the boat, said in a statement. “The 345 is beyond capable where it counts, and solid in every regard. She will redefine boating as we know it.”

Editors, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 3/19/19 Tweet

"Most industry observers might be wary of a public relations campaign announcing a new boat line with no pictures of the boats. Instead, there are images of seashells, sand and waves. But if the owner of the new Solace line has the name Dougherty — the same Dougherty family behind the Boston Whaler, EdgeWater and Everglades brands — a certain amount of leeway should be granted."

Michael Verdon, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 1/23/19 Tweet

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