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“The world of center consoles and boating activity will never be the same” — Team SŌLACE

"“With a combined 150 years’ experience in the boating business, the judges unanimously agreed we’d never seen this much innovation in a center console,” said Rudow."

"On February 13, 2020, Boating awarded Solace Boats with the trophy for 2019 Boat of the Year for the Solace 345 model. The presentation took place dockside at the Miami International Boat Show before the international press and a throng of well wishers. Check out the video for special insights into the design of this innovative boat."

Kevin Falvey, Editor, Boating Magazine - 2/14/20 Tweet

"Out of numerous exciting reveals in 2019, SŌLACE Boats’ extensive list of accolades continues to grow. The 345 has been named Boating Magazine’s Boat of the Year, following a Reader’s Choice top honor from Power & Motoryacht Magazine, Best Powerboat Under 36’ and Best Powerboat Overall at the Newport International Boat Show, and many more."

"This year, though, after testing some 150 different types of boats built by dozens of manufacturers, the Solace 345 stood out as a killer design. Its arrangement, which extends the cockpit aft between widely spaced outboards, is as much a stand-alone innovation as it is an integration of the latest in propulsion, with courageous design and flawless execution. This feature may influence boats on the whole in the future, but the Solace 345 center-console fishing boat stands out for numerous other attributes. For these reasons, we name the Solace 345 our 2019 Boat of the Year."

Kevin Falvey, Editor, Boating Magazine - 12/19/19 Tweet

"The main helm offers twin Garmin GPSMap 8617 displays flush-mounted in the 53-inch-wide center-console dash. Three Llebroc Billfish chairs feature Shockwave S5 bases to cushion bumpy seas. A SeaDek helm pad with 2 extra inches of closed-foam EVA underneath pampers your feet and knees by mitigating shock. The center of the pad—where the captain stands—hydraulically levitates as much as 10 inches."

Boating Tech Team, Boating Magazine - 12/11/19 Tweet

"How apropos, I thought, because this fish trial focuses on one of today’s most advanced ­center-console-boat designs, the Solace 345. The Edgewater, Florida-based brand is new, but its co-founder, CEO and chief designer, Stephen Dougherty, boasts a vaunted boatbuilding pedigree. His father, Bob Dougherty, served for decades as a chief designer for Boston Whaler, then founded EdgeWater Power Boats and ­subsequently Everglades Boats."

Jim Hendricks, Sport Fishing Magazine - 11/7/19 Tweet

"Still, innovation must translate to functionality. It does so with this design. Two anglers can fish side by side on the platform, which tapers from 42 inches wide at the transom to 38 inches wide at the aft end. Twin pressurized 45-gallon livewells flank the entrance to the platform, and each features an adjacent tuna tube."

Jim Hendricks, Boating Magazine - 10/18/19 Tweet

"There’s not much ordinary about the new Solace 345. In a Sport Fishing review (September 2019), Jim Hendricks describes it as “one of today’s most advanced center-console boat designs.” Including the unique FishThru transom, the 345’s LOA is 38 feet, though it has 34 feet of running surface. It’s rated for up to 900 hp; in SF testing, the boat topped out at 55 with twin Yamaha 425 XTOs."

Doug Olander, Sport Fishing Magazine - 11/6/19 Tweet

"When Stephen Dougherty designed his new Solace 345, he thought outside of the box. Taking full advantage of digital steering, Dougherty moved the Solace’s motors outboard and added a 4-foot-long cockpit extension between them. Called the Fish-Thru transom, it reclaims space that’s usually stolen by the outboards, adding cockpit area for fishing, and, with a hydraulic platform extending from under the transom, a safe, easy-access platform for swimmers that’s well clear of the props. It’s an idea that makes you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?”"

Mike Smith, Power and Motoryacht Magazine - 9/20/19 Tweet

"As two forward looking innovative companies, we’re delighted to partner with SŌLACE Boats. Our shared aim is to create a better boating environment and ROKK Wireless – Active is the perfect product for their new 345 model, securely mounting and instantly charging your phone, exactly where you need it."

Tom Reed, Scanstrut CEO - 7/18/19 Tweet

"SŌLACE Boats, a new company started by Stephen Dougherty—whose boatbuilding pedigree includes time spent with Boston Whaler as well as co-ownership of EdgeWater Boats and Everglades Boats—is in the process of launching its first model: the 345. The Florida-based company says this new vessel will change the design of fish boats. One quick glance at the photos tells you this is no ordinary ­center-console V-hull."

Chris Woodward, Sport Fishing Magazine - 6/10/19 Tweet

In the boat industry, Bob Dougherty is a legend. He helped Boston Whaler earn its stellar reputation and then moved on to bring even more innovation to the art of boat-building when he and his son, Stephen, founded EdgeWater Boats and later Everglades Boats. All three companies are still building boats in Edgewater, but for the last several years the Doughertys have been out of the picture. That is about to change.

Enter Solace Boats, a brand-new Edgewater-based company founded by Stephen Dougherty and his wife, Sarah. Mr. Dougherty has unveiled what he considers today’s perfect boat, revolutionary in every detail, blending top-of-the-line fishing and diving amenities with family features and lots of comfort and convenience. 'All of my life I have been committed to the marine industry, creating new designs and exceeding customer expectations', Mr. Dougherty said. 'The time has come for us to make the next great and generational step in marine design.'”

Janet Shira, Hometown News - 4/25/19 Tweet

"SŌLACE Boats, a new center-console builder based in Edgewater, Florida, has promoted Todd Albrecht to president. Albrecht was also named president of sister company, Dougherty Manufacturing. SŌLACEis currently building a 345 center console model that will launch this summer."

Editors, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 4/11/19 Tweet

“In the pursuit of exceeding customer expectations, we have created a product that breaks with convention, and offers the ultimate on-water experience,” Stephen Dougherty, who designed the boat, said in a statement. “The 345 is beyond capable where it counts, and solid in every regard. She will redefine boating as we know it.”

Editors, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 3/19/19 Tweet

"Most industry observers might be wary of a public relations campaign announcing a new boat line with no pictures of the boats. Instead, there are images of seashells, sand and waves. But if the owner of the new Solace line has the name Dougherty — the same Dougherty family behind the Boston Whaler, EdgeWater and Everglades brands — a certain amount of leeway should be granted."

Michael Verdon, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 1/23/19 Tweet

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