When the pencil first hit paper, quality in design was a top concern. Each line brought to life a new vision for the future of boating which simultaneously revised long-standing marine principles. Rather than aimless innovation, every item (new and old) saw thoughtful design for longevity followed by extreme testing. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we know what sets a quality boat apart from the rest. Quality truly was engineered into the boats.

Quality doesn’t end with the design of our boats. It continues through the whole process. Our highly skilled quality assurance team meticulously monitors the build process from start to finish for each boat, ensuring the best quality.

View of FishThru Transom while fishing with center console boat underway

Harmony in design, harmony in function, harmony in excellence.

SŌLACE employs the finest processes in the design, and construction of every vessel. Inside and out, the masterpiece that leaves our facility bears the Dougherty name for a reason. Quality. A boat that will last for generations. A boat worthy of Stephen Dougherty’s signature. A boat fitted with the finest inputs, and materials matched with the industries finest partner products.



Top Down View of SOLACE Boats 345 Luxury Center Console, the Boat of the Year

Carbon fiber


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Abundant throughout the product, this term is barely quantifiable

Engineered into the product from the very beginning

The result of innovations and quality, performance is second to none