Tour the 345 at the Palm Beach International Boat Show

Join the entire SŌLACE team as we display the 345 to the global market at the 2020 Palm Beach International Boat Show. Click the link below to schedule a tour, or keep scrolling to learn more:

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The Future of Life on the Water.. Arriving to Palm Beach

Next Generation Center Console at Palm Beach


The 345 is a completely fresh center console build, from the keel to the top, this vessel evokes a quantum leap. A boat designed with the future in mind, the 345 luxury center console is like nothing else at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.


At the Palm Beach International Boat Show, you will find quality, safety, and excellence engineered into the 345 center console. Each element of this advanced center console boat was built beyond specifications and rigorously tested for enduring performance.


In every sense of the word, the SŌLACE 345 is a true performer. Design and engineering for excellence facilitated the 345's success. Ready for anything you or the water throws at it, the 345 center console boat prevails.

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Palm Beach Int'l Boat Show - Spring/Summer 2020

101 S Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach FL 33401

(386) 302-6287

Slips 1041, 1042

Award-Winning Center Console

You will not find a more interesting, feature-rich, quality, all-purpose and versatile center console boat anywhere else at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Seasoned editors and industry experts alike have agreed, through many awards, that the 345 is like no other boat or center console on the water. The 345 is the perfect blend of features and innovation that will redefine what it means to enjoy all forms of activity on or around the water. See for yourself and the show. Click below to learn more:

Where Innovation and Excellence Intertwine: Boat Show Winner

Some products standout as a hit. Most stand out for one niche. This revolutionary and truly iconic center console stands out for everything. A seamless and perfect blend of innovations and an excellence to the craft of building that evoke true luxury. The ‘Boater’s Boat’ – the boat for the next generation… 

2019 Boat of the Year (Boating Magazine)
2020 NMMA Innovation Award Winner (Miami Boat Show)
Top 5 Reader’s Choice Boat (Power & Motoryacht)
2019 Best Powerboat Overall (Newport Int’l Boat Show)

And Many More..