Out of many, One.

Clearly reinforced throughout the launch of this boat is the incredible journey across many generations. SŌLACE has the opportunity and a serious responsibility to carry on the next great step. It is this commitment to continuous improvement, completely reassessing the state of the industry, that has been constant throughout this generational journey.

What results is an icon that speaks a language of the future. The elegant emergence of a powerful yet uncompromising vision for the future. What we have brought to the table today sets the stage for a series of additional boats to this lineup and stands as an incredible wake up call to the entire industry.

Advanced technologies and manufacturing processes are at the heart of the SŌLACE difference. Not only has the entire essence of the center console been redefined, but so too has the build process. New materials under new applications have resulted in one of the strongest and most high performance boats on the market today. We have made such a leap, that no competition will be able to catch up for the decade to come.

Beyond the materials, our most important and valuable asset is our team. Without these incredible men and women who work day in and day out with a passion for the product, SŌLACE simply could not exist. Hailing from all areas of the industry and across the many boat types we have seen introduced in the last century, we have centuries of experience. The most passionate builders have come to join SŌLACE on this journey, innovators, dreamers. It has been said this is a ‘dream team’ and those words could not be more true. This team is dedicated to the product, to the result, and to facilitate the making of memories by the end user—our owner.

Like a beacon on a hill we will shine, so bright that all will look to us for inspiration, and as leaders of a new generation on the water.

Stephen Dougherty