A boat for the next generation


Boating Magazine’s 2019 Boat of the Year. Every curve and line of the 345 was meticulously combed over, drawn and redrawn for a level of perfection not seen on any other center console boat. This attention to detail, putting forth the most modern technologies at our fingertips, matched with ergonomic and tastefully designed spaces — delivers a product unlike anything before. Something so divergent we set the rules for this new model of family-fishing boats. A beacon of direction, a level that no other can achieve or surpass.




Bow to Transom LOA 34′
Bow to Stern LOA 38′
Beam 10′ 6″
Deadrise at Transom 22°
Max HP 900 HP
Draft (Motors Up) 24″
Draft (Motors Down) 24″
Fuel Capacity 343 gal
Freshwater Capacity 40 gal
Waste Capacity 18 gal
Livewell Capacity 2 x 45 gal
Seating Capacity 16 p

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Take a peek at the future of boating

The world’s most premium boats don’t happen by accident. This meticulous attention to each detail along with a host of key elements leads to these great wonders of human creation. At SŌLACE the principal couldn’t be more true. The attention is to more than the details, here to a broader scope of building materials and processes, while ensuring those materials are used to their maximum effectiveness. For example, rather than simply using foam throughout the build, the entire structure is further reinforced by carbon fiber, epoxy composite – something with limited use in the boating industry. Through the boat building process we have set new standards. These principles will be used by the entire marine industry in time, lifting design, structure and stability industry-wide as we move into the next decade.


FishThru® Transom

Transforming the experience, find the benefits of a sportfish, with the features of a cruiser. Ample seating combines leisure and fishing.

View of the Buggy Top and Second Station Optional Features

Second Station (Optional)

Find comfort in shade and the function of a fully-featured buggy top. Custom, overbuilt hinges effortlessly lower the top for trailering.

Multipurpose Workstation

Be prepared for anything. Fit with sinks and refrigerators, drawers and a grill, this quickly becomes your crossroads of adventure.


Easy Clean Nonskid

Full Gunwale Storage

FLIR, Light Bar, Spotlight

Bow Fender Storage

Custom Seachest

Seakeeper 2 DC Roll Stabilization

Hydraulic Windshield

RGB LED Throughout

GARMIN + C-Zone Integration

Molded Toe-Kicks

Cockpit Sun Shade

Shockwave S5 Shock Mitigating Pedestals



“An elevated experience, cutting-edge design, and uncompromising fishability.” 

I present to the world a break from conformity and static design. SŌLACE defines a future focus, and the actualization of my vision for tomorrow. Through the generations we have seen these rapid breaks as they influence the industry as a whole, but most importantly, as they create a more enjoyable and truly refined on-water experience. Whatever the task at hand may be, these staples of tomorrow, the SŌLACE line, take the future into the present and offer a window to another time. A bright future in the marine industry, and the true bliss of a life spent on the water. Run to the sea, find your boat, and discover your SŌLACE.


345 is ...

…a breath of fresh air, a result so unexpected it sends shockwaves through industries, and the mind of the consumer. Mission accomplished. The 345 hits the reset on boats in general, and defines a course for the future. Join us today on this journey. Lead the future.

Join the revolution

Life on the water will never be the same. An elevated experience of luxury, relaxation, and pure excellence. The reflection of your success, and the vision of your pursuit of tomorrow.