Born Out of Generations, True Heritage. The American Boat Dynasty

Take a Peek Inside Our Heritage

Tenets of Our Heritage

Generational Improvement

From the beginning of fiberglass boats, our heritage stretches generations. Stephen sat at the foot of his father soaking in lessons in boatbuilding and was raised into this industry. His perspective evolved  as manufacturing processes changed, and grew more efficient. SŌLACE is the culmination of these incremental improvements. We define a lifelong commitment to making boating a better experience, and center consoles the future.

Commitment to Quality

A continuous pursuit of quality over the years has been the hallmark of our heritage. While most companies profess quality, our story is unlike any other. Every model that has rolled off the line at any of the previous companies has and will continue to be one of the best boats on the market. As we pursue this next great venture, we raise that bar once again. 

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Broadening Perspective

Our focus has always been the bigger and broader picture. A relentless pursuit of the next great direction, and an understanding of where we came from. Always seeking to be positioned for the future. This perspective has endured and will continue to evolve, redefining our future from the teachings of the past. SŌLACE is born out of generations.

Heritage Drives our Future

In a world of continuous repetition, and the general reinvention of cyclical design, SŌLACE Boats takes a divergent path. Our revolutionary center console boats drop a striking departure from the ways of the past, and provide the first serious new design innovations in the marine industry in decades. Join our boat revolution, change the tide with our new vision: