Our Factory

More equipment, technology, and machinery than most fabricators in any industry. SŌLACE is positioned with the tools to make anything happen, on our schedule to meet our quality standards.

Located in the heart of what is quickly becoming known as a boat building capital of the world

our 200,000 square-foot campus stretches across 16 acres in Edgewater, Florida. Our factory allows for the production of all boats and many of the components used in the construction. Starting with our incredible team of engineers, we design everything. We also handle our own tooling process, where we build all of our own plugs and tooling, utilizing state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC mills. Many metal components are built utilizing our HAAS CNC machining equipment and 5-axis Flow Mach 500 waterjet then completed by our team of fabricators and welders. Just this sampling of capabilities allows us to rapidly prototype and maintain our high quality expectations. We are not your average boat builder. Come see it for yourself.

Boundless Capabilities

Solace Boat Factory

A true enigma, the facilities in Edgewater, Florida are ever changing. Each day brings new equipment and processes that bolster capability.

Machine by machine the capability continues to grow. Pictured here is a Flow Mach 500 5-axis waterjet. With a large team and host of machines and inputs, our facility is capable of creating new manufacturing tools from scratch.

The tools of the craft, the genesis of a boat.

“Our advanced technologies and manufacturing processes are at the heart of the ‘Dougherty Difference’ – a level of skill and expertise only the family, team and legacy can possess. We have gone across a multi-generational, and multi-step process that redefines not only the entirety of the ‘center console’ as we know it today, but the build process. Every element and ounce of work that goes into this final piece of art has been considered. New materials and advanced applications have resulted in what is now one of the strongest and most capable boats on the market.”

Todd Albrecht


As always with the Dougherty’s, it is not just the materials or even so much the method, it is about the team.

The dedicated men and women who work passionately, day in and day out, to deliver the most exceptional product and customer service.

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