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FishThru® Transom

The revolutionary FishThru® Transom allows for unmatched fishing/diving/swimming access to the water. Experience an added five feet to the already spacious 345. Fishing will never be the same. The groundbreaking FishThru® Transom redefines fishing, diving, and swimming. Discover unparalleled access to the water.

Extending from beneath the FishThru® Transom, the Hydraulic Swim Platform presents the ultimate landing zone, swimming and diving platform, and dock access.

Hydraulically Actuated Helm Riser

Comfort all day on the water. Padded with shock mitigation foam, this helm riser allows for greater enjoyment and time on the water. Paired with other hydraulics throughout the vessel, the 345 transforms boating.

Spacious Cabin

Unmatched space in a center console cabin, the 345 stands out from the rest. With carbon fiber construction and a blend of epoxy, Innegra, and s-glass, SОLACE paves a new path in design.


“…the SŌLACE 345 stood out as a killer design. Its arrangement, which extends the cockpit aft between widely spaced outboards, is as much a stand-alone innovation as it is an integration of the latest in propulsion, with courageous design and flawless execution. This feature may influence boats on the whole in the future, but the SŌLACE 345 center-console fishing boat stands out for numerous other attributes. For these reasons, we name the SŌLACE 345 our 2019 Boat of the Year.”

“…innovation must translate to functionality. It does so with this design. Two anglers can fish side by side on the platform, which tapers from 42 inches wide at the transom to 38 inches wide at the aft end…The SŌLACE 345 proves that a clever and motivated boat-builder can engineer new ways to enjoy your time on a blue ocean and ­under a sunny sky…”

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