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Boats entering port Everglades as center consoles. Port Everglades is the premier port in that area.

Owner Experience

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Joining the SŌLACE ranks is more than just purchasing a boat. It is truly gaining access to an exclusive crowd of like-minded individuals who seek to bond over their exceptional boat product, and collectively find joy in their nautical passions.

An Elite Club for the Future.

From exclusive news, updates, tours, and rendezvous, membership in the SŌLACE Owners Club has incredible benefits. Our reach and influence is expanding, and so do our benefits. Click below to get in contact if you are an owner and are curious about our benefits.

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Life on the water will never be the same. An elevated experience of luxury, relaxation, and pure excellence. The reflection of your success, and the vision of your pursuit of tomorrow. Hop aboard today.


Join the SŌLACE team at events around the globe, from yacht shows to local gatherings, we are there.

Date Event
Fort Lauderdale Int’l Boat Show 10/30-11/3
Miami Boat Show February 2020
Palm Beach Int’l Boat Show March 2020


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“The world of center consoles and boating activity will never be the same” — Team SŌLACE

Soundings TradeOnlyToday – Mystery Boat Finally Unveiled 

“In the pursuit of exceeding customer expectations, we have created a product that breaks with convention, and offers the ultimate on-water experience,” Stephen Dougherty, who designed the boat, said in a statement. “The 345 is beyond capable where it counts, and solid in every regard. She will redefine boating as we know it.”

Editors, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 3/19/19 Tweet

Most industry observers might be wary of a public relations campaign announcing a new boat line with no pictures of the boats. Instead, there are images of seashells, sand and waves. But if the owner of the new Solace line has the name Dougherty — the same Dougherty family behind the Boston Whaler, EdgeWater and Everglades brands — a certain amount of leeway should be granted.

Michael Verdon, Soundings TradeOnlyToday - 1/23/19 Tweet

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